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27 March 2019 Public

This symposium is organised by Ledalero Catholic Institute of Philosophy in Maumere, Flores, NTT- INDONESIA

Symposium Theme: Love the Light of Wisdom

Dates : Wednesday, September 4, 2019 to Friday, September 6, 2019

Location and Venue: Saint Thomas Aquinas Hall, Ledalero, Maumere, NTT,    INDONESIA

Final Abstract Submission Deadline:  May 5,  2019

Final Paper Submission Deadline: July 5, 2019

Final Registration Deadline: August, 5 2019

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1. Terms of Reference

Since 1969 Ledalero Catholic Institute of Philosophy has participated in the Church’s work of evangelizing the world by following attentively and discerning the rapid social changes at work, which influence itself and society as a whole. Among the major changes of the social situation are the one regarding the concepts of truth and wisdom. In fact, there is often suspicion in the ability of human intellect to reach the ojective truth and the core of the wisdom of life - a truth and wisdom that direct people’s lives. In addition,  the effect of the human sciences, along with the results of technological developments, stimulate new challenges for the Church and  society.

Leading up to its Golden Jubilee - with the main celebration on September 8  2019, Ledalero Catholic Institute of Philosophy wishes to emphasize the need for philosophical, theological and social reflection, so as to make the knowledge of truth, wisdom and to provide earthly existence ever more human. Moreover, Philosophy and Contextual Theology are directly concerned with asking  the question regarding the meaning of life and make an attempt to answer it. This question emerges both from the wonder that humanity experinces with others and with the world, and from the tragic and fragile human experiences. Philosophical and theological knowledge, then, is considered as being one of the best tasks of humans.

However, philosophy and theology have always overlapped for us, communicating with each other in a kind of unending contest and collaboration that establish their history across the time. They are pertinent to the deepest question we ask ourselves. If we consider philosophical and theological thinking as two different modes of thinking, as two different aspects of human life, then we can imagine the two ways sharing happily in the same head, conceding a person who would be abelieving thinker, or a thinking believer, a person of learning and of faith. This happens all the time- in academic community such as Ledalero Catholic Institute of Philosophy with strong philosophical and theological formation within the perspective of an open reason. 

In this regard, the time has come for Indonesian philosophers and theologians to reflect more considerably to the discourse on philosophy and theology in general and on Indonesian philosophy and theology in particular. Indonesia has various  multicultural indentities including many different faith traditions. The plurality of culture is within us. We are different yet we remain one. However, the collective awareness of our multicultural identity awakens us to engage in mutual dialogue (mutual recognition) using national language to know more and to embrace our multicultural identity.

Hence, the main theme of the International Symposium is “Love the Light of Wisdom.” Wisdom considers fundamental principles of reality, and pursues the ultimate meaning of life. The sapiential characteristic of philosophy and theology suggests its authentically  metaphysical range, that is, of surpassing empirical world in order to reach the ultimate in its search for truth. This International Symposium will help us reaffirm strongly the conviction about philosophical and theological formation within the perspective of an open reason.

This main theme will be expanded in the following  sub-themes: 1) The history of Ledalero Catholic Institute of Philosophy and its development across time. 2) The original vocation of philosophy in terms of searching for truth, and its sapiential and metaphysical characteristics. 3) Theological reflection carries the revealed Word of God as the source of wisdom. 4). The influence of literature and human sciences in articulating the light of wisdom.  5). Practical implementation of our mission in the pastoral work based on the divine wisdom.


2. The Aims:


- To identify areas, topics of doing philosophy and theology based on the questions of God, the good life, and of what being ‘human’ means in Indonesia.

- To propose contextual hypotheses and applicable methodologies, including interdisciplinary and historical approaches, that can be used for doing philosophy and theology in Indonesian background.

- To map ways and areas of the possibility of cooperation between philosophy and theology within the perspective of an open reason.

- To discuss the philosophical and theological formation in Ecclesiastical Institutions of a higher learning.

- To open up an interpretative horizon between philosophy, theology and human sciences in oder to enlight the love of wisdom in the world.

- To ratify or to suggest ways to practically implement  for mission in the pastoral work based on the divine wisdom.


3. Main Speakers:

1. Prof. Stephen B. Bevans, professor of Catholic Theological Union (CTU) at Chicago, USA. He is also Louis J. Luzbetak SVD Professor of Mission and Culture. He was a theology professor in Tagaytay Seminary, Philipinnes and also a member of International Association for Mission Studies, American Society  of Missiology, Catholic Theological Sociaty of America. He will give a talk on “Pope Francis and Contextual Theology.”

2. Prof. Azyumardi Azra, is an  Indonesian prominent public intellectual, a Moslem scholar and former Rector of  Syarif Hidayatullah  State Islamic University Jakarta (1998-2006). He graduated from Department of History, Columbia University (1992). He is known as a profilic book writer; member of advisory board of a number of international organizations such as UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF). He will make a presentation on “Pluralism and Pancasila.”

3. DR Paul Budi Kleden, the current Superior General of the Society of the Divine Word. He did his doctoral studies in systematic theology in Albert Ludwig’s University at Freiburg, Germany. He was professor of theology at Ledalero Catholic Institute of Philosophy. He will give a talk on “Doing Philosophy and Theology in Indonesian Context.”


Information: final paper submission deadline for the keynote speakers: June, 30 2019


4. Venue and Location:

Saint Thomas Aquinas Hall, STFK Ledalero, Maumere, Flores, NTT.


5. Programme:


First Day, Wednesday, 4 September 2019


08.30-09.00       : Opening Ceremony: Welcome Remarks: Dr Otto Madung Gusti, Chairman of  Ledalero Catholic Institute of Philosophy

09.00-12.00       : Plenary Session 1 (Academic) by Prof Stephen Bevans: Pope Francis and Contextual Theology;

Respondent: Dr John Mansford Prior

10.30 -11.00      : Snack Break

11.00-12.30       : Plenary Discussions 

12.30-13.30       : Lunch Break

15.30-18.30       : Paper Presentation in groups (in Bahasa Indonesia or in English)


Second Day, Thursday, 5 September 2019


09.00-12.30       : Plenary Session 2 (Academic) by Prof Azyumardi Azra: Pluralism and Pancasila;respondents: Dr. Leo Kleden and Dr Norbert Jegalus

10.30-11.00       : Snack Break

11.00-12.30       : Plenary Discussions

12.30-13.30       : Lunch Break

15.30-18.30       : Paper Presentations in groups (in Bahasa Indonesia or in English)


Third Day, Friday, 6 September 2019


09.00-12.00       : Plenary Session 3 (Academic) by Dr Paul Budi Kleden: Doing Philosophy andTheology in Indonesian Context;

Respondents: Dr. Mathias Daven and Dr. Geor Kirchberger

10.30-11.00       : Snack Break

11.00-12.30       : Plenary Discussions

12.30-13.30       : Lunch Break

15.30-18.30       : Paper Presentations in groups (in Bahasa Indonesia or in English)


6. Call for Papers:

The commitee invites interested scholars to participate in this International Symposium  by presenting  papers (in Bahasa Indonesia or in English). The abstract or proposal of the paper (150-200 words) is to be submitted to the commitee (  1) Early Bird Abstract Submission Deadline: Mei 5 2019. 2) Final paper Submission Deadline by July, 5 2019.


7. Possible Topics of papers

-  Reason in faith and beliefs in scientific reason.

- Christian taith as rationality

- Comparative theology as vulnerable theology

- In Response to the Other: The Fragility of Interreligious Encounter

- Theology and local wisdom

- Populism and the idea of tolerance

- Multicultural identities and pluralism in Indonesia

- Original vocation of philosophy: In search of truth and love the light of wisdom

- Philosophical formation within the perspective of an open reason

- Fragile religious identity

- The concept of public theology and politics


8. Key Information

- Location and Venue : Saint  Thomas Aquinas Hall, Ledalero Catholic Institute of Philosophy, Maumere, 86152, Nita, NTT, Indonesia.

- Dates: Wednesday, September, 4 2019 to Friday,  September 6, 2019.

- Symposium Theme: “Love the Light of Wisdom.”

- Early Bird Abstract Submission Deadline: Mei 5 2019

- Final paper Submission Deadline: July 5 2019

- Registration Deadline for Presenters: August 5 2019

- Transportations, lodging and accomodations for the keynote speakers are available within Ledalero Catholic Institute of Philosophy. However, for the paper presenters, you may manage your transportation to Ledalero at your own, then lodging and accomodation are available within Saint Paul Seminary of Ledalero.


9. Contact Us

For further news and announcement, please following us at: – For urgent concerns, please feel free to contact us by SMS/WA through this mobile number : +62 082235291499, Whatsapp: +6309278329634  (steering committee: Dr. Felix Baghi)



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